Build your self-confidence

Challenge your mindset, set personal goals and challenge yourself.

  • Why?

    Being confident in yourself comes in many forms. Tackling challenges and problems head on, voicing your opinion and acting assertively as well as your own self-talk; otherwise known as the little voice inside your head that narrates your life and influences your decisions.

  • Power to change

    This self-confidence workshop empowers you to challenge your thinking, motivations and set personal, achievable goals for yourself to work on. It can help you in your career, relationships and break down the barriers you put up yourself. This workshop doesn’t sugar coat change. By working through the course you have to want to change and accept that it might be hard work. But that’s okay because I’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • The instructor

    Tanysha is a teacher and journalist born in South Australia. She has a Bachelor of Journalism, a Masters of Teaching and experience working as a teacher and journalist in regional SA. In 2013 she was severely overweight and decided to make a change in her life. Over the course of just over a year she lost 42kg and since then has developed a passion for improving various aspects of her life.

Course curriculum

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